Females In Football

Team Lists

Dont panic If your name isnt here this is just the list as of 05/5/12 drop me an email if your not here           soccer1@clear.net.nz

HKGA 9th grade 2012


HKGA 10th grade 2012

Ayla, Claudia, Jade, keely, Nushka, Rewa, Rosa, Saci, Sienna  

Coach Sophie Abbott



HKGA 13th grade 2012

,Mila Maxon,Hannah Furfie,Sarah-Anne Brown, Emerson Pearce,Hannah Swift,Jennifer Noble,Kayla Walker, Gabby Matheson,Grace Cagney,Kerryn Penn,Lindsey Shaw,Danielle Raika,lilley kennish,Taylor Jones

Coach Steve Hearn